Up until a month ago, I'd lived in New England my entire life - and within a 25 mile radius. I just moved out to the East Bay area of California, and I'm excited for new adventures. So far, I'm loving California: I can't wait to do more hiking and see more of the western half of the US.

I'm always looking for new connections and new ways to grow, both personally and professionally. In my free time, when I'm not reading or drinking copious amounts of coffee, you can usually find me outdoors on weekend adventures (see: hiking, walking in the woods, seeking out new coffeeshops and used bookstores), editing and designing websites & Wordpress themes, wandering around a new downtown, taking MOOCs through Coursera or edX, and/or indoor rock climbing (caveat being I'm not very good at it, but I like it a lot.)

Interested in chatting? Email me at hi@melissaweigand.com and say hi!